Steering systems for semi-trailers

Greensteering builds unique worldwide patented and fully homologated active steering systems for semi-trailers

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The system is a mechanical system

why choose us?

Driving a trailer equipped with a GreenSteering system provides the user and the environment great advantages.

Cost savings
  • Fuel saving up to 12%
  • Tire life up to 4 times longer
  • Better load distribution
  • Smaller trucks needed
Due to the heavily reduced tire friction while cornering, fuel savings will easily go up to 12% with GreenSteering®. Next to that saving, tire life will be extended with up to 400%. This will significantly reduce your distribution cost. Depending on your specific use, the above savings will realize around a 2 year payback of your investment, clearly a lot shorter than the trailer life. On top of that, the lower pulling forces will allow you to use a smaller truck, for the same load, so a reduction in investment.
  • Extreme manoeuvrability, also in reverse
  • Progressive steering
  • Smaller turning radius
As the system will force the axles to steer, the driver will experience extreme manoeuvrability. GreenSteering® also provides the possibility to steer progressively, which will give increased stability at higher speeds and improved manoeuvrability at low speeds. As the axles are actively steered, manoeuvring in reverse will be just as easy as forward. No need to block axles or do any other additional action. With our system you will be able to access places that you will not able to reach with a classical steered trailer with fixed axles of the same length. This means you will now be able to get more load to these "difficult to reach locations" than ever before in one trip.
  • Green steering® the best for they Environment
  • CO² reduction due to reduced fuel consumption
  • Less waste tires
  • Less fine Dust
Using GreenSteering products you contribute to a healthier air and important CO2 reduction.
  • Shorter breaking distances due to optimized load distribution
  • More stable road behaviour especially with high loads
As the GreenSteering type Modules X and A allows for greater distance between the axles, weights will be more evenly distributed over the axles. This will improve road behaviour as breaking will improve. Higher loads will also behave a lot more stable in corners, so risks to tip over is reduced. As automatic weigh in motion systems (WIMS) get more and more introduced throughout Europe and fines for violating these laws being extremely high, the larger axle distance will give your more flexibility to load within the legal requirements and so avoiding expensive fines.

Important to mention for all steering configurations in X, is that the trailer will nearly not swing out. Tests have shown a maximum of 200mm to the inside versus aggressive steering systems that have shown up to 1500mm to the outside. This will reduce potential damage and increase safety of other traffic participants.

How does it function

Mechanical system:
The GreenSteering® system consists out of a fifth wheel module that transfers the angle between truck and semi-trailer to the axles. Within the module, pulleys translate the angle of the truck into a transversal movement of the pivot arm. The lay-out of the module guarantees that small truck angles give relatively small steering angles. This increases road stability at high speeds. The larger truck angles will give relative larger steering angles. This increases manoeuvrability at low speeds. This progressive transfer is unique for this mechanical steering system.

The H.T.C(.r) Heigh Tech Cable connected to this pivot arm transfer the movement to a steering bridge, directly connected to the axle frames. Depending on the type, 1, 2 or 4 axles can be steered, of which the front axle(s) can be counter steered. the H.T.C. certifies that the system can be adjusted for each required wheel base, the system can be adjusted for each required wheel base.

OVERVIEW GreenSteering®

Type #Axles #Axles steered type of steering Remarks
XST 11P 1 1 Progressive
XST 11A 1 1 Agressive
XST 21A 2 1 Agressive
XST 31A 3 1 Agressive
XST 22A 2 2 Agressive
XST 22XW 2 2 In X Widespread
XST 22X 2 2 In X
XST 32X 3 2 In X
XST 44X 4 4 In X
XST 54X 5 4 In X